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Everyday pet owners and professional veterinarians alike agree there is absolutely nothing like The SmartCollar Plus™ for reducing shedding on their pets.

Got an Animal That Sheds Really Bad?

I have a great dog. Gator is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. We rescued him several years ago from a local shelter. It's a good thing I really love this dog because he is a terrible shedder. He sheds enough hair every day to make another entire dog. Seriously, it is terrible!!!

Our groomer recommended a product for us to try. She told us that if she did not believe in the product, she would not be selling it. The price set me back $40, but I am so tired of cleaning up clumps of dog hair, that I was willing to give it a try.

So, what is this miracle product? It is called "The Smart Collar Plus." It is the only pet collar of it's kind, environmentally-friendly and it is guaranteed to reduce shedding all year long.

The Smart Collar Plus is composed of special non-eroding crystal nickel-plated ionic chips located throughout the collar. Using SMART Technology, the collar increases the blood flow and circulation in your pet. Poor circulation results in unhealthy hair and increased shedding. When using the SMART Collar Plus, your pets circulation increases and allows the hair follicles to stay alive for a longer period of time.

Sounds far-fetched? Well, it is not. I can not believe how much less Gator is shedding. This actually works. My groomer says the collar lasts about 2 years.

It is worth $20 bucks a year to have less dog hair laying around.


Hi there JR
Further to our telephone conversation today July 9th 2013 I write with great excitement about the newly invented smart collar.....

When I placed my order I knew it was a great product but how great till now I didn't know....I have sold most of what I ordered from you which is great with wonderful reviews...Which is a wonderful feeling....

A Product you believe in is very very easy to sell, be it to a client with a shedding dog, or to dog owner in a doggie park, or to a pet store selling dog supplies,or to a pet supply distributor... it is all the same principal... No one wants to brush out hair after hair after hair out of their beloved pet, then have to vacuum up several times a day.....

With this collar I believe that shedding dogs and vacuuming daily will be a thing of the past......

I have great knowledge of sales and can certainly sell products, especially if I am a great believer in the product.... (which I am)

I would certainly not be adverse to traveling even out of the Florida state......

Thank you for your time on the phone earlier today...

If you could let me know if the same delivery times apply as to the last order I would be grateful....

Thank you for this opportunity to talk with you on how I would love to take this product from Ground level to the 19th Floor and well beyond.... 

Thank you for your consideration...
  Julie H
Julie Boo’s Pet Spa and Boutique...

This is Damish. Here is my testimonial. The products really works! Thanks very much.

Testimonial: I was very reluctant to buy this product when my girlfriend told me about it. I have a golden retriever and shedding was a big problem in my house. Before buying this product I used to vacuum every single day and sometimes this was not possible. I bought many products to help reduce his shedding, such as fish oil gels, sophisticated pet combs, etc., but none of them revealed any promising results. I also bought a $400 robotic vacuum cleaner (which works fine) but it was quite an expensive solution. Even though I was reluctant to buy it, my girlfriend bought it for my dog anyways (Thanks to her!). After about 2-3 weeks I was surprized to see the results. It reduced my dog’s shedding by at least 50%, and it has been showing consistent results since then. No other pet product shows consistency like this one. Smart Collar 
Plus is the best solution so far! I must recommend it to all pet owners.
Toronto, Ontario

My name is Leah, and I work for a veterinarian clinic in the city of Elora. I first heard about The SmartCollar Plus through a client of ours who has been bringing their pet to our clinic. At first I was rather skeptical of how well this collar would work. However, I decided to try it for myself, and called the company that produces The SmartCollar Plus  to order one for my pet Golden Retriever. To my surprise, I found that this product was amazing. I found it to really reduce pet shedding. I understand after using this SmartCollarPlus , why it is the only collar in the world that guarantees to reduce pet shedding problems and is a great solution for all pet owners. I would definitely endorse this product to any dog or cat owner.
  Leah V
Elora, Ontario

I just had to e-mail to say how wonderful I think your product is. I must say, I was a bit reluctant at first because most things that sound too good to be true, usually are. This collar really works and I will be a customer as long as I have a pet. If I knew it was going to be this good, I would have bought the second one for a spare. In only a week we saw a difference. I am passing on the word to friends who have pets, one told me she was going to contact you today.
  Jocelyn K
Waterloo, Ontario

I decided to take the 37 day SmartCollarPlus  ™ challenged with my family’s Tabby cat, Baxter, who sheds like crazy all over our house. I didn’t tell anyone in my family, including my husband that I was trying a new anti-shedding collar on the cat. Within only two weeks, not only did I notice a huge difference when doing the cleaning and vacuuming, but even my husband said to me, “you know, Baxter isn’t shedding nearly as much as before.” For him to take notice really means something! My 37 day challenge was done in 14 days and I’m absolutely sticking with The SmartCollarPlus  ™ for sure!”
Ruth Pooran,
Toronto, Ontario

After trying the SmartCollars Plus on our Golden Retriever and Persian Cat, I would like to say I was very pleasantly surprised on the outcome. I've had a cat and dog around me all my life, and was quite used to being covered with cat and dog hair most of the time. For work, I have to wear black pants and normally I am covered with hair by the time I leave. But after using your SmartCollars on my pets for a few weeks, I found that my black pants had only a small fraction of pet hair on them now, a HUGE change from before I started using the SmartCollar. I estimate a 75% reduction in shedding - its totally amazing. And the house cleaning has become a breeze too since we found that there was so much less dog and cat hair to be vacuumed up. It's amazing! I have told my co-workers about your SmartCollarsPlus  and those with pets would like to know how they can get one too. One poor guy asked me if you have one for men wear to stop his hair loss, but it would have to be fashionable!
Bill Howe,
Niagara, Ontario

After using the SmartCollar on my Red Healer, I noticed a drastic reduction in her shedding problem within the first few weeks, by about 70%. No more having to constantly run the vacuum cleaner on the furniture and carpet! Gypsy also seems to be energetic and happy! What a great collar!
Don B,

This past December 2004, I tried the SmartCollar Plus on my 12 year old Whippet and I found that there was definitely a visible reduction in the amount of my pets' shedding within a few weeks and this has continued in the months since then. My dog seems more energetic too. This collar does work; just as promised!
John Sgrignoli,
Marietta, GA

As you are aware our family has had Golden Retrievers all of our lives. Charlie has been wearing the smartcollar now for six weeks and there is a significant difference, all for the better , for both our household and Charlie. I estimate there is at least 50% reduction as evidenced by our less frequent sweeps of our hardword floors and dark carpets. Thanks Smart Collar Plus , for making day to day life a little easier.
  Karen Latowsky,
Thornhill, Ontario

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